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This eBook has been prepared and produced by the Hospitality Professionals Association (HOSPA) with the financial support of the Savoy Educational Trust (SET). This is the second edition of the hugely successful HOSPA Practitioner Series book, Revenue Management - An Introduction, replacing the first edition published in 2013.  This edition is in an entirely new format, completely revised with new materials added to ensure that it provides a current and valuable resource for revenue management practitioners, hospitality professionals and students.  

It is available to download for FREE!!

Editor: Professor Peter Jones

Debra Adams, HOSPA and arena4finance
Cathy Burgess, Oxford Brookes University

Ann Crome, Revenue Solutions
Judith Kelly, Oxford Brookes University

Jennifer Keen, Total Revenue Solutions
Kate Ringham, Oxford Brookes University
Kate Varini, Oxford Brookes University

This book provides an introduction to the world of Revenue Management and how it can be used in the hospitality industry. For more in-depth knowledge join us on one of the HOSPA Revenue Management courses.  To find out how we can help you develop your career in Hospitality Revenue Management - more information is available at Education pages

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