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What Our Employers Say


Wendy Carman, Director of Finance at the Carden Park Hotel (Jan 2018)  "When we were looking for a Finance Learning Programme we knew instantly that HOSPA was the right fit for Carden Park Hotel. It is an industry recognised programme that not only ensures our employees are gaining the right qualifications and knowledge but one that #teamcarden are also enthusiastic about completing.

"The nature of hotel accounting is very different to many industries and we wanted an exciting Finance Learning Programme that reflected this. At Carden Park our ethos is to ‘grow our own’, we ensure that our team has the opportunity to develop within their roles and HOSPA has been a big part of this for our finance and food and beverage teams. The team turnover is very low for which we can partially attribute to them feeling valued and being able to progress by completing appropriate training. The support from HOSPA throughout our learning journey has been fantastic and we will certainly be continuing to grow our team with their programme.

Patrick Divall, Area Director of Finance (England) for Starwood Hotels (Jan 2012)  "I totally support the HOSPA Financial Management programme. It is the only financial training programme that is specifically designed for our industry and my employees appreciate that it is 100% relevant to them. Acceptance on the programme is highly motivational and employees who have undertaken the course are always identified as high potential colleagues. In addition, the benefit to Starwood Hotels & Resorts is clear to see as we have better trained employees who can understand the whole picture, rather than just their own job function."

Grant Speed, Financial Controller at Jurys Inns (Sept 2013) “Personal learning and development is at the core of everything we strive to achieve at Jurys Inn.  The development of our finance professionals has been a key focus of mine over the last number of years and the new learning opportunities provided through HOSPA are a great match for our aspirations.  Winning such a prestigious industry award is great recognition for not only our current HOSPA students but is also an indication of our long term commitment to our team and to HOSPA.


Alan Corlett, Group Commercial Revenue Director for Principal Hotel Company  (Jan 2018) “By enrolling members of our revenue and finance teams on HOSPA’s accredited courses, we’re ensuring that we give our colleagues the opportunities to progress within our business by achieving a credible, industry qualification. Working with HOSPA also ensures that our teams are kept fully up-to-date with industry trends and developments, future proofing our business for years to come.”

Zena Carter, Revenue Manager at Farncombe Estate who completed the course herself and has since mentored two of her team members through the programme (Jan 2015)“I am pulling ideas from the course that are helping input knowledge into my team as there are some great examples of why we need to do things a certain way and by seeing it in practice it helps with the understanding. Though my background is predominantly events and reservations, I am looking to use the added knowledge to look at the different areas on the estate and within each business to see how my skills can help develop each area.” 

Gail Hunter, Group HR Director for Principal Hayley Hotels (Jan 2015) "PH Hotels training strategy supports the development of colleagues at all levels of the business, and we aim to provide our colleagues with the appropriate skills and knowledge to achieve excellence in their role. HOSPA is our preferred  training provider as they provide us with professional training and qualifications to support our in-house training.   Finance and Revenue management are essential disciplines to a successful  business and PH Hotels recognise that by investing in our teams there are tremendous benefits for both our business and our colleagues by way of professional career development and progression and colleague engagement."