HOSPA The Hospitality Professionals Association

What we do in more detail

HOSPA is a non-profit educational organisation which has evolved from BAHA (British Association of Hospitality Accountants) which was formed in 1969. The aim of HOSPA is to bring together those hospitality industry professionals involved in Financial Management, Revenue Management and IT. Whereas BAHA has been recognised as the UK"s authoritative voice in the hospitality industry on financial management, technical accounting issues, taxation, and hotel valuation, HOSPA now is additionally the leading arena for debate on hotel systems and Revenue Management topics through their annual Conference and meetings programmes. The membership has expanded to nearly 1,100 members. HOSPA - which has provided an industry specific, hospitality focused programme in Financial Management for over 23 years - has recently introduced a similar programme for Revenue Management.

HOSPA is the Association helping hospitality's Finance, Revenue Management and IT professionals develop their careers and network, as well as keep up-to-date with industry trends and developments.

HOSPA offers a wide range of growing opportunities for members, from meetings addressing specific topics to webinars, extensive professional resources including an interactive website and latest industry data through HOSPA's monthly magazine The Overview.  There are also CPD options for HOSPA members to remain at the cutting edge of the industry, helping not just themselves, but also their employers and colleagues.

Benefitting from a flexible membership programme, members can become part of specialist communities with like-minded individuals in Finance, Revenue Management and IT and yet still participate in and learn from the other communities.  A feature designed to give HOSPA members a professional edge in the workplace.

This interactive website provides all members with a diverse range of information and statistics such as the widely respected HOTSTATS on UK and European hotels.  There are also specialised resources divided into the specific community areas of Finance, Revenue Management and IT, which are accessible to all members regardless of their discipline.

This allows our members to better understand the needs of colleagues and make themselves more valuable to their organisations. Through the website, members have access to further resources such as EBSCO, allowing access to over 3,200 international electronic journals.