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Wi-Q Technologies is an award-winning technology company that has revolutionised mobile ordering within the hospitality industry with the first cloud-based, integrated, fully scalable solution. The software is instantly accessible via any internet-enabled device, allowing customers to use their own smartphones, tablets and laptops to browse menus, place orders and make payment. Wi-Q Technologies has introduced two industry leading products, available on a low-cost SaaS model with little to no capital expenditure: 


Mi-Room is the world’s first cloud-based mobile ordering technology specifically designed for guest room services. Using their own phone, tablet or laptop through 3/4G or Wi-Fi connection, guests can instantly access the full range of services on offer, with capability to order food and beverages, request concierge services, book spa treatments or access external services from the comfort of their room.


Known as ‘the queue-busting solution’, Wi-Q is a mobile ordering platform for venues such as restaurants, coffee shops, theatres and stadiums. The software makes ordering and paying hassle-free for customers and staff, with options to select allergy specific menus, daily specials, multiple payment options and bill-splitting.



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